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Helping Community Members Get Small Businesses Off The Ground Commerce Street Events the #1 Business Link Helping people in the community knowing what business to start can be exciting. There are all types of businesses that a community needs in order to move forward and keep flourishing. It's more than just about needs, but it's also about ideas that can bring new things to the people in an area that they would otherwise have to get from somewhere else. It's about entertainment, and it's about culture. When talking with people about what business to start, you need to help them understand that they need to be matched with business ideas that match their interests and what they know. Naturally, they also need to be thinking about their financial status, as they are going to need the operating capital to make the business successful. When helping community members determine what businesses to start, are you going to be working with them as an investor? If so, then you're going to need a keen eye for knowing which businesses are going to be successful within the given community. If you're not an investor, then you want to help the business owners realize what they might need as far as capital in order to get things going. Can you put them in touch with vendors? Can you help them formulate a business plan? This business plan might help them get the financing they need. What are your interests in helping them find a business idea that will be a success? Remember that it's about supply and demand, so that means whatever business is being started, there must be a demand in the community. If there is no demand, then you have to see a future demand based on a good business idea that brings value to the community. It doesn't hurt to bring culture to a community, but businesses are charities. That means you have to be sure that the community can support the business. I will slowly but surly post out the best businesses in my opinion that have possessed the core ingredients of success and have grown in for the community as an example to follow. If you have any suggestions, please simply send in an email.


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